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About Us

Capturing Every Moment 

Welcome to Just My Perspective!

We are proud to bring you the services of Garon Johnson, an experienced photographer and videographer who specializes in portrait, wedding, event, and product photography. Serving primarily the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT), Garon’s reputation has grown exponentially through word of mouth, recommendations, and social media. His services extend beyond the Tri-State area, and he has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad to provide his clients with superior quality and personalized attention. Contact us today to book a photo session or to discuss your next project.

Our Motto
"Moment's only last a moment, so let's capture them together so you can hold onto them for a lifetime"

Let me help you capture the most meaningful moments of your life. With my photography services, every single moment will be transformed into beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. At Just My Perspective, my goal is to create timeless and unforgettable experiences that you'll be able to cherish forever.

Our Award Winning Clients

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